I love photographing women in their 40′s and 50′s, the confidence they have lightens up a room.  I love talking to them because they are full of wisdom and great stories.  When I was younger I would look at women 50+ and would hope to carry myself with confidence and be comfortable with where my life’s journey had taken me.  I loved the laugh lines and couldn’t wait to have them myself.   And, believe it or not, I looked forward to the day I had the curves of my mom, this would mean I was a woman.  Now, as a woman’s portrait photographer I look at them with even more gratitude and beauty as I near 50 myself (that’s crazy to think of, as I feel much younger….most of the time, LOL).

A smile, a movement, a gesture can be signs of confidence and show we love who we are, we are unique, special and beautiful.

These ladies had a portrait party at the studio and I was not only the photographer, but they took me in as one of them and included me in their celebration.

Voulez-Vous-Boudoir3 001



Voulez-Vous-Boudoir1 Voulez-Vous-Boudoir2 VoulezVousBoudoir