Comparison Is A Beast Of A Burden.

Open any given social media app and you’re met by the highlight reel of everyone’s life. It seems like the comparison game is showing up even in the realm of professional success. Digital ad campaigns target entrepreneurs’ insecurities. They call on businesses to increase online engagement, post at the perfect times, and triple their following with secret tips and tricks. These ads seem to be adding more to the dogma that our efforts aren’t enough.

What Is Enough?

I’ve invested a lot of time to be more active online. Voulez Vous is active on Instagram, the Voulez Vous Facebook page, Voulez Vous Society group, a biweekly newsletter, and in these weekly blog posts. It’s tough to maintain an authentic voice on so many different platforms. But in this day and age, it’s equally important for your business to have an active online presence.

Stick To Your Roots!

The community support Voulez Vous receives stems from the personal impact I’ve made in women’s lives. That is Voulez Vous’ foundation! I love seeing my girl’s confidence boost when they see their beauty shining back through the portraits we create together. These photos are not here simply for Instagram likes or Facebook shares. It’s to see women transformed when met by her own beauty. It’s to challenge societies standards of beauty so that we stop comparing ourselves and instead celebrate power in our individualism.

I want my presence on social media to reflect the mission of my work, not the latest social media algorithm. I’m here to share an authentic voice on the journey to self-love and to celebrate the community that’s here on this journey with me.

It’s About Authentic Community.

Everyone here is welcome to share real experiences and open up about the actual struggles of learning to love yourself unconditionally. Every day is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your true self and let go more of the self that is influenced by comparison. I want to know what triggers you into a comparison spiral. Is it unrealistic beauty standards, vacation envy, business success, family goals, others fitness progress? How are you challenging yourself to let go and accept where you are on your journey?

I’m challenging myself by digging deeper into that authentic space with my Voulez Vous family. This year I’ll be hosting a Rise & Shine Retreat that is centered around helping women reconnect with their true inner-self (click here for more info). I will be encouraging more conversations in my online communities to create an empowering dialogue between women who are here for growth. We can all learn and be inspired by one another. I’m encouraging you all to forget about the likes and focus more on the kind of community you want to be a part of with me. Let’s fill this community with love, light, and growth.