Using Portraits To Tell A Story.  I have had a bit of writer’s block lately and I’m finding it hard to put into words exactly how I feel.  When I was 18 years old I kept a scrapbook of poems that meant something to me and I recently revisited that book.  Along with the poems I had put images of rainy days, storms, sunshine, mountains, oceans, flowers, people, and things that touched me about the poems.

These portraits make me feel lonely, sad, and bewildered.  Then after the darkness has passed you pick yourself up, stand tall, and move on stronger than before.

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

“What’s that in the corner?  It’s too dark to see.  What’s that noise I’m hearing?  Who’s that calling me?  Long ago and far away I heard your voice, but once I heard you sing your song I had no choice.  Terror took control, it told me what to say, and let me loose I fear I’ve finally found a way.”  Blue Osyter Cult.