Glamour, Beauty & Film Noir, An After Dark Experience.

This past summer I attended a workshop in Kansas City, After Dark Education, where I had the grand opportunity to work with Brian Demint on Glamour and Beauty Portraits.  I knew when I saw his work and watched him create his portraits that he would inspire new beginnings of portraiture for me.  Mesmerized, I watched as he used fabrics, flowers, colors, textures and creative lighting to bring a romantic and fairytale feel to his portraits.  Once I was educated it was time to photograph.  Stepping away from the norm and shooting different perspectives opened my eyes to a whole new vision for my artwork.

Voulez Vous Boudoir, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Glamour, Beauty, & Film Noir

Film Noir

Glamour, Beauty, Film Noir


Glamour, Beauty, Film Noir