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The Secret To Making Authentic Connections

June 10
I first met Analillian on a random bike ride down riverside. I stopped along the path under
a shaded tree and there she was– all snuggled like a cocoon in her hammock, reading a book.
I began asking her questions about her cozy hammock and we chatted for a bit. It was an instant connection.
Naturally, we exchanged numbers, but didn’t speak again until six months later at a Christmas pajama party.
There she was, dressed exactly the same as me– literally! We shared a few giggles, took some selfies together, caught up and enjoyed a great party.
Afterwards, we made plans to get together. Before we knew it, we were becoming good friends, having so much fun together.
Analillian is a master home cleaner and started her own business a few years back. She asked me to take her personal branding photos,
so we scheduled her in and played all day. I talked her into doing some photos “just for her,” and she humored me… lol
So what’s the secret to making meaningful connections like the one I formed with Analilian? It happens by tuning into the present moment and remaining open to what life has to offer. Everything and everyone that is for you is before you in the present. The key is learning to be there in the present with it all.
I have enjoyed watching Analilian grow her business like crazy over the past few years and am so
proud to see her following her passion. Her heart is full of light and love!

Words From The Client:

“I had the incredible experience to get my pictures taken by Lana. My first initial thought was
to help with branding for my business. Oh, but, it became so much more than that! The
influence that we each hold because of our uniqueness. She brought out the best in me. And,
at one point I said, “Where are we going to use this?” “What would this be for?” She said, “It’s
for YOU!” So, she captured me in this moment!
I want to share this one (Image A) with you; my eyes say “I know where I’m going” My posture says “I am
relaxed about it”, the outfit says, “I am comfortable in my skin.”!
So eortless, whimsical, playful, and in control. Thank you Lana Thomas for being an influence
in my life and helping me see the beauty that I DO possess.”
~ Analilian V.
You can find Analillian at “A Cleaning Company”!
Call: 918-565-2164


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