You. Are. Amazing. As. You. Are.!!!  By looking at her you would say, “of course she would have portraits made, she is beautiful & thin.   The truth is for years I have been asking to photograph this beautiful woman and she has always said, “I do not take good pictures and I have to loose weight first.”  She eats healthy, practices yoga, meditates, has a dear heart, loves life, draws, and IS SO MUCH MORE.  Karen called the studio at just before her 57th birthday and said, AS I AM.  Her fears and insecurities she faced and allowed me to capture the beauty I have always seen in her.

I choke up as I write and look at the portraits of Karen and remember how hard of a decision it was for her.  If you ever meet her she will tell you as she told me, “I have NEVER taken pictures that I have been so proud of.”  We created her a 20-page album with 25 images that SHE chose (wish I could share all of them).  Thank you Karen for the blessing you have given me.


Lana at Voulez Vous Boudoir, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Love, Love, Love,