Journey of Self

Journey of Self.  Professional Portraits is a way for the visual artist (that's me) to take people on a journey of self. To help them explore not only what others see on a daily basis but to also capture a rare glimpse of their best self.  Sometimes we are to close to see what others see in us and it is my passion as a photographer to show people or to remind them of just exactly what makes them special and unique to the rest of the world. Photographic Artists like myself, use the camera to reveal what the artist sees [...]


"Don't fear her father said, sometimes the scary things are beautiful as well and the more beauty you find in them the less scary they'll become."   @atticuspoetry Have you had days you want to curl up and not get out of bed or see anyone; I've had many.  When I am curled up and wanting to hide from the world I acknowledge my feelings, take a bit of time to sort it out then, as my mom always told me, "now go wash your face with a cold cloth and change your attitude, and get out doors." Thank [...]

The Blossoming Lotus

When Cristina told me the name of her business, The Blossoming Lotus, I was curious why she chose chose the Lotus Flower, so I did a little reading.  The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.  It grows in deep, muddy water, but rises above the darkness into the light and blooms to its most beautiful. Cristina talks how she feels about her portraits. ""🌟 If there ever were two pictures to describe the dichotomy of who I am, it would be these two. These were taken 7 months ago by the lovely Lana Thomas @vvbportraits while on a [...]

Find One Who Makes You Dance

“Girls, said the old man are an ever flowing music no use complaining about the music just find one that makes you want to dance.”    ~Atticus Together we designed her photoshoot; soft, feminine and strong.  She told me her style was simple, clean, and classic and sometimes she added a bit of drama and surprise and she wanted a cozy feel, like ones in the bed or a comfy chair where she felt natural.  So, We chose which outfit went with each backdrop and the little pieces she brought with her we accessorized with items from the studio.  After all this planning now [...]

Valentines Day 2019

The first Valentine's Day was in the year 496 and started with Romans celebrating their start of Spring.  Valentino was a bishop and martyr and considered the saint of lovers, but a poet from the middle ages "Chaucer" was the first to link the holiday with romantic love.  Valentines Day started in the US in the 19th century and we have been celebrating love every February since. Valentine's Day, A time to celebrate love and relationships with:  ~A couples boudoir shoot...the gift that keeps giving throughout time from Voulez Vous Boudoir :). ~Gift cards from your favorite boudoir photography studio, [...]

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

A little bit of this and a little bit of that to tell your story.  Each of us have our own style that defines who we are, whether clean and classic, soft and feminine, eclectic, bold, colorful, sassy, monochromatic, etc. That's why when I shoot I offer several wardrobe changes.  I want to tell your story in an editorial type manner.  So, we talk about wardrobe and backdrop settings before your photoshoot and I ask you to bring a bit of what makes you feel beautiful. More times than you can image the ladies just decide to choose something from [...]