Fashion Couture designed by Lana Thomas at Voulez Vous & headdress designed by Raegan Medeiros :).  Designed especially for Candace I started my brainstorming.  I headed to Joanne’s Fabrics for supplies.   I found the flowered fabric by accident and instantly knew I wanted to create an image with a 3D inspired effect.  I would wrap her head & body in this fabric and use the fabric for a backdrop.  Yes! This ran through my mind while pulling the fabric from it’s bolt.  I wanted to use natural light for a velvety and ethereal feel and look.  Since Candace gave me full control of her portrait session I was excited to put this together for her and the colors went along with her wedding palette.

The vintage corset and girdle I had in the studio and loved the idea of putting them together with a modern petticoat and add the silk flower belt for a more feminine look. I made the paper flowers from tissue paper that also matched our theme.

Thank you Candace for letting me run wild with my vision for your portraits. Thank you Raegan for creating the beautiful headdress.

LoveLoveLove.  Lana



Candace five

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