Fine Art

What Is A “Fine Art” Portrait Experience?

All Voulez Vous portrait sessions are fine art creations— but what makes fine art different from other portrait experiences?  Fine Art is defined as art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty (as opposed to art that is designed for practical function). In photography, fine art is classified as imagery created in line with the vision of the photographer to [...]

What Is A “Fine Art” Portrait Experience?2020-02-18T12:12:10-06:00

The Burden of Comparison

Comparison Is A Beast Of A Burden. Open any given social media app and you're met by the highlight reel of everyone’s life. It seems like the comparison game is showing up even in the realm of professional success. Digital ad campaigns target entrepreneurs' insecurities. They call on businesses to increase online engagement, post at the perfect times, and [...]

The Burden of Comparison2020-01-20T11:40:27-06:00

Your Novelty Holiday Gift Guide!

Alright ladies. It’s that time of year. If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect gift for the person you love can be quite daunting. This year I encourage you to try a different approach to giving. Rather than spending your time fighting the holiday crowds, give a novelty gift that says more than another department store sweater. Here [...]

Your Novelty Holiday Gift Guide!2019-12-03T16:55:20-06:00

Be Kind To Yourself

With all of the holiday festivities right around the corner, it's easy to get stressed out and over-indulge. I'm here to remind you to be kind to yourself during this busy season. Between family gatherings, holiday parties, and finding just the right gifts for your loved ones, we must remember to take time for ourselves to practice self-love. There [...]

Be Kind To Yourself2019-11-20T17:49:27-06:00

You Think You’re Doing It For Someone Else..

  “You often think you’re doing something for someone else, yet at the end of the day it’s you receiving the gift.” These were the words Laura shared with me after our session. Often times clients aren’t sure what to expect out of a shoot. Above all, it has to do with the energy we create together in the [...]

You Think You’re Doing It For Someone Else..2019-10-16T12:19:44-05:00

You’re {Not} So Vain

I’ve never understood why women find it vain to have portraits hanging up of themselves. I shoot all styles of portrait work but boudoir is what I am most drawn to. In the 19 years I’ve been shooting boudoir, I’ve noticed a trend of women feeling ashamed to have these images on display in their homes. They are afraid [...]

You’re {Not} So Vain2019-09-25T18:57:11-05:00

Pretty Little Things

I've always been drawn to the prettier things of life. The textures and raw intricacies found in the everyday often are what fuel my creativity. When I met Messina working in a local café, I found her personality and doe-like brown eyes inviting. I knew her unique beauty was a perfect fit for the avant-garde shoot I had [...]

Pretty Little Things2019-09-23T14:01:15-05:00

Journey of Self

Journey of Self.  Professional Portraits is a way for the visual artist (that's me) to take people on a journey of self. To help them explore not only what others see on a daily basis but to also capture a rare glimpse of their best self.  Sometimes we are to close to see what others see in us and [...]

Journey of Self2019-05-08T13:59:52-05:00

To Pause And Feel

"Don't fear her father said, sometimes the scary things are beautiful as well and the more beauty you find in them the less scary they'll become."   @atticuspoetry Have you had days you want to curl up and not get out of bed or see anyone; I've had many.  When I am curled up and wanting to hide [...]

To Pause And Feel2019-09-23T13:53:29-05:00