Male Boudoir

Journey of Self

Journey of Self.  Professional Portraits is a way for the visual artist (that's me) to take people on a journey of self. To help them explore not only what others see on a daily basis but to also capture a rare glimpse of their best self.  Sometimes we are to close to see what others see in us and [...]

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To Pause And Feel

"Don't fear her father said, sometimes the scary things are beautiful as well and the more beauty you find in them the less scary they'll become."   @atticuspoetry Have you had days you want to curl up and not get out of bed or see anyone; I've had many.  When I am curled up and wanting to hide [...]

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The Blossoming Lotus

When Cristina told me the name of her business, The Blossoming Lotus, I was curious why she chose chose the Lotus Flower, so I did a little reading.  The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.  It grows in deep, muddy water, but rises above the darkness into the light and blooms to its most beautiful. Cristina talks [...]

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Find One Who Makes You Dance

“Girls, said the old man are an ever flowing music no use complaining about the music just find one that makes you want to dance.”    ~Atticus Together we designed her photoshoot; soft, feminine and strong.  She told me her style was simple, clean, and classic and sometimes she added a bit of drama and surprise and she wanted a cozy [...]

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Valentines Day 2019

Valentines Day is a time to reconnect and fall in love again. Take time to focus on each other and do something different this Valentines.  Bond with each other over the portrait experience enjoy a new adventure together.  Let me capture a giggle, a kiss, a look shared between you.   Use as artwork to spice up your bedroom [...]

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Dudeoir as a legacy

Husband, father of two small children, and retired professional boxer, Jeff wanted to document this time in his life.  He wanted to tell a story through photographs of who he was, so his children would have portraits of their father.  During his order/preview session Jeff's wife picked her favorites, the close-up with the hoodie and smiling through the glass [...]

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“Dude-oir?!” Sure!!

Voulez Vous' first "Dude-oir" session in our new studio space.  Ryan was in Tulsa visiting over the holidays and made his way by Voulez Vous before heading back to Rhode Island.  I warned him the studio wasn't ready.  There was dust everywhere, the walls were not painted, the floors and windows weren't finished, and we had no bathroom.  Nevermind [...]

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