A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

A little bit of this and a little bit of that to tell your story.  Each of us have our own style that defines who we are, whether clean and classic, soft and feminine, eclectic, bold, colorful, sassy, monochromatic, etc. That's why when I shoot I offer several wardrobe changes.  I want to tell your story in an editorial [...]

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You Are Beautiful!

You Are Beautiful!!!     I keep hearing how the experience of having portraits made has empowered and changed the way women feel about themselves and it reminds me each time how important my job is. I want every woman to have that feeling. When you see yourself in an image that is hanging on your wall or in a [...]

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Branjae Jackson Music

Three creative minds coming together to create beautiful imagery; Branjae Jackson Music, Melanie Patterson @ ColourBlind Salon, and myself.  Branjae brought some of her mother's authentic garments and jewelry.  We worked to put it all together then Branjae did her thing.  We had such fun this day...freedom to be creative.  

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40′s & 50′s Beautiful & Fabulous

I love photographing women in their 40′s and 50′s, the confidence they have lightens up a room.  I love talking to them because they are full of wisdom and great stories.  When I was younger I would look at women 50+ and would hope to carry myself with confidence and be comfortable with where my life’s journey had taken [...]

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50 Shades of Pink

I had a blast designing this photoshoot for Mary.  After brainstorming with Ashlee Bivins and Heather Valentine (Primp Salon in Broken Arrow) http://www.primptulsa.com we decided we wanted to do something fun and different and we wanted 50-shades of pink and soft skin tones to be the focus.  Ashlee free-handed the heart and Heather used pink hair paint for the hair [...]

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Downtown Tulsa East Village District

The jones family wanted unique family portraits that represented who they are and they wanted them with their family airstream.   So, we dolled up the girls in custom designed tulle skirts (by Raegan Medeiros), had their hair done by ColourBlind Solon, their makeup done by Hannah Demuth, and had a video produced by Tiana Beringer.  I had a [...]

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Mary Joy

The day I spent with the beautiful young lady and her mom was exciting, so many different looks; backgrounds, dresses, and jewelry. I look over at Mary's mom and she had tears in her eyes as she watched her baby girl in front of the camera and it made me choke up, but there were lots of giggles and [...]

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The Essence of a Woman

Beauty, sophistication, elegance, smiles, gracefulness come to my mind when I think of the  essence of a woman.  I saw this when I was photographing Joanna.  I am so very grateful that she chose to spend her 40th birthday at Voulez Vous' studio so I could capture and document a milestone in her life. LoveLoveLove.  Lana Date: January 10, [...]

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