You’re {Not} So Vain

I’ve never understood why women find it vain to have portraits hanging up of themselves. I shoot all styles of portrait work but boudoir is what I am most drawn to. In the 19 years I’ve been shooting boudoir, I’ve noticed a trend of women feeling ashamed to have these images on display in their homes. They are afraid [...]

You’re {Not} So Vain2019-09-25T18:57:11-05:00

Pretty Little Things

I've always been drawn to the prettier things of life. The textures and raw intricacies found in the everyday often are what fuel my creativity. When I met Messina working in a local café, I found her personality and doe-like brown eyes inviting. I knew her unique beauty was a perfect fit for the avant-garde shoot I had [...]

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Voulez Vous Glamour

Last summer I had the honor of having Tiana as an intern from OSU, where I graduated from.  I was excited to have her in the studio and guide her along with how I work.  We took some time during her internship to play with posing, lighting, wardrobe, post-processing, etc. The images of her in the silver dress are [...]

Voulez Vous Glamour2014-06-26T14:50:40-05:00

Beauty Portraits

Beauty, confidence, bubbly, and so smart, Brandi had me giggling through her photoshoot with stories of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and teenagers.  These portraits were a gift to her husband for his birthday. Brandi! You are a doll! :) A special thank you to Ashlee & Heather at Primp Salon in Tulsa for hair and makeup.

Beauty Portraits2014-06-26T14:52:04-05:00

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Voulez Vous!  Dress (designed and created) and Beetlejuice makeup by Raegan Medeiros. I had a BLAST photographing these two!  They won an 80's custom party too :)

Happy Halloween2013-10-31T06:00:15-05:00

Sweet Magnolia

This was a personal project inspired by the very large magnolia tree in my back yard.  As I would quietly sit and reflect the sweet magnolia would fill the air in spring.  I would close my eyes and take a deep breathe wishing I could preserve that smell for hours.  As I opened my eyes again I noticed all [...]

Sweet Magnolia2013-10-28T06:13:49-05:00

Art & Design

Iskralin is an amazing artist.  She designs rooms, windows and much more.  I met her while working with Colors Of Etnika and when I saw what she has done and her creativeness I ask her to help design some sets for the studio.  As she was walking around the studio the wreath caught her eye and she ask if [...]

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Colors of Etnika

Colors Of Etnika is a brand with passion for artisan- inspired fashion dedicated to empowering artisans, providing economic opportunities and paying a fair price for their crafts!  Our vision is to improve the quality of life of those involved in the process! Shop Fair, Give Fair and make a difference at home and around the world!  Handmade Jewelry, Ethnic decor, [...]

Colors of Etnika2013-10-10T06:02:19-05:00

Voulez Vous Couture

I needed an image I could use as a billboard on the side of my two-story, 100-year old, brick building downtown Tulsa.  It took me a long time to visualize what I wanted; Fashion couture look, wardrobe, location, backdrop, a young lady that I could look at everyday (which is my niece), the composition...this thought process took me a [...]

Voulez Vous Couture2013-07-03T06:00:44-05:00

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

A must see video for all those women who believe they are not beautiful.  Get your tissues!  

Dove Real Beauty Sketches2013-07-02T13:51:31-05:00