Imagination brings a creative release.  Sometimes it comes in the last minute or months of planning.  I was ready to create something different and fun for Shelley’s photoshoot when she gave me full control of the look….what a great gift, thank you Shelley for believing in me and putting up with me coaching you along the poses. 🙂  I made the backdrop months earlier, created the head dress the night before the shoot along with my designer friend sewing the skirt.  He also created the black head dress the night before.  Thank you John for your dedication to see my vision.

It was a challenge getting that red head piece to stay in her hair.  I believe Heather Valentine must have used 100 bobbie pins and a few small grips.  Heather did a remarkable job on the hair…thank you Heather!  Thank you to my summer intern, Tiana, for all the help, especially the fabric throwing…hehehe.

Shelley 1

Shelley K 2

Shelley K

Shelley Kur

Shelley Ku