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Facing Fear

January 31

This week we are facing fears. We all have fears that hold us back from stepping fully into our divine life path. For most of us, our fears stem from insecurities. We focus too much on all the things that could go wrong. Sometimes we play through worst case scenarios in our mind that only feed that voice of fear.

In order to really lean into the life that is most fulfilling for us, we have to be willing to take a few chances on ourselves. Most of the negative outcomes that feed our fears never actually play out in reality. It’s important to remind ourselves that we have the power to manifest positive outcomes in our life just by shifting our thoughts to focus on all the ways things could go right!

I faced one of my fears this week when I recorded a LIVE video to promote the Rise & Shine Retreat happening in April. There’s nothing scarier than going live online for all of the world to see you completely unfiltered. All of the negative what-if’s were racing through my mind.

What if I can’t think of anything to say, ramble too much, or forget the name of my own studio?!

Focusing on these what-if’s only take away from the energy I could spend getting excited to share my message! And you know what, I went LIVE yesterday and I’m still smiling and breathing today. Plus, more people are excited for the retreat and know a lot more about my vision.

Thinking negative detracts from really preparing yourself for all of the abundance that could pour into your life when you take a leap of faith and do something that scares you. So what scares you? I want to know. Identify a fear that keeps you from making your dreams reality and face that fear head on this week. Let me know how empowered you feel after!

(Another fear I faced this week: Sharing this self-portrait I took in Scotland! Even the photographer gets nervous ladies.. Do what scares you!)

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