Brooke is a doctor on the front lines fighting COVID-19. I wanted to share her story here as a thank you to all of the medical professionals who are risking their lives to put an end to this pandemic. I’m grateful for the sacrifices everyone is making so we can go back to connecting through art-making, culture, and business as usual.

Back in 2017, Brooke came to me with the desire to be photographed. Her one request- “make it beautiful”.  I’ll be honest, she’s one of the most modest clients I’ve ever had in the studio. But her shine isn’t any dimmer because of it. In fact, Brooke’s modest nature transformed into stunningly vulnerable portraiture that captures the true inner goddess which lies within every woman.




Have you forgotten who you are? Here is a reminder.

You are the bearer of light, of life.

Do you have any idea of your power?

Every time your body bends, the universe yields to you.

Your eyes are twin worlds they send up satellites to orbit. Your skin is made up of the very fabric of time.

Look for the light within you. Let it surge like a river through your veins.

Use it to will your dreams into existence.

-Lang Leav