Penni Shelton, a vegan and raw food chef, was asked by Garden of Life to do an editorial spread for Extraordinary Health magazine.  I met Penni a year ago Christmas at a friend’s party.  I instantly loved her vibrance, charm, wit, and bubbly personality.  A year later Penni called me asking if I would photograph her for this editorial in Garden of Life’s magazine.  Our mutual friend and my fellow photographer offered her kitchen.  It was perfect for this photoshoot.  Since we were all about raw foods and health it made since to use natural light.

I’m honored to have been a part of Penni’s journey.  Thank you Penni for including me.  Thank you Kim for the use of your kitchen and for your help.

PS.  You can pick one up Extraordinary Health Magazine at your local health foods store!

heheh….I finally made it to print (see bottom left center) 🙂  LoveLoveLove.  Lana