A few of my favorite fashion couture images from my photoshoot with Brittany.  Kelly Kerr was filming the behind the scenes video for my website.

Here’s the story of how this happened:

It took me a long time to visualize what I wanted; Fashion couture look, wardrobe, location, backdrop, a young lady that I could look at everyday (which is my niece), the composition…this thought process took me a year to plan and put together.  I started with the wardrobe.  Red is my favorite color so a red dress seemed a no brainer.  When you need help who better to call than mom!  I sent several dress ideas to my mom.  Tulle was the look I chose, Soft, elegant, and feminine, 60 yards.    Mom had ideas of her own.  She, literally, hand ruched every few inches and stitched little black beads into the tulle.  The skirt turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined.

I wanted white for the red to pop so I created the backdrop using white 12×12 scrapbook paper.  Brittany and I brushed the edges with black paint, scrunched it up and taped it to the backboard.  We did this until 1:00am the night before the shoot.  We used constant daylight balanced lights that Jeff Anderson (photographer friend) brought in to use with the videography.

The black dress you see is four yards of fabric I picked up the day before the shoot and my mom and sister literally wrapped Brittany in it moments before we started shooting.  I loved the texture and elegant look of the fabric.  We took a few in the studio using constant daylight balanced lights before heading to a downtown location.

I was relaxed, energized, anxious and excited all at the same time.  Doing a photoshoot with someone videotaping the whole experience was intimidating, not to mention I was still wearing a cast to my armpit.

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