Inspiration comes to me from everything I see and do, movies, magazines, books, other artists, nature, just all kinds of things.  This head dress was custum made for me by one of my friend/bride’s mom.  The head piece sat in my studio on the shelf staring at me for months as I thought and re-thought of what I wanted for the background, what I wanted the special lady to wear, How I wanted her to pose, how I wanted her makeup, the color of her eyes and the lighting.

The background is paper (I painted the edges) from my scrapbook room scotch taped to the foam core.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for the velvet fabric, and the gloves I bought over a year ago in New Mexico. I met LIndsey this past summer when she came to the studio for a boudoir photoshoot and when she returned in October Glamour, Beauty, Boudoir, & Portrait Couture is what we ended up with.

Makeup by Ashlee Bivens of Tulsa

Portrait Couture.  This beautiful head dress was made by a friend, Jamie McMans.  She also makes bridal brooch bouquets.