I LOVE creating portraits and when Brittany came to see me she had her suitcase full of fun with her; lingerie, skirts, blouses, shoes, jewelry.  Then she gave me a green light to just be creative and have fun.  We spent the entire day playing with hair & makeup, posture techniques, wardrobe changes, background changes, food, champagne, and lots of laughter.  It got really fun when we decided to put on her the old fireplace mantel, she didn’t even blink an eye when I mentioned it to her (although, I think her eyebrow lifted a bit).  I think the most fun we had was when we did the images for the collage portrait.  Bow-tie, hat, corset, heels, music, action and when she hit the floor giggling she kicked her legs up and tossed her hat on the tip of her toes.  “Does anyone remember the song by Joe Cocker “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”   These images are priceless!!!!!!

Thank you Brittany for trusting me and allowing me to have fun and be creative.  I look forward to seeing you again next year.