An 18th birthday, the age of adulthood. Kelsey’s mom surprised her on the day of her birthday with a portrait session with me.  I remember the day of the shoot Kelsey walking in the studio with a blank look on her face and appearing to be a bit skeptical.  As I greeted her with a big smile and my voice filled with excitement, I told her what her day was going to be like, she quickly warmed up and headed straight over to the wardrobe rack.  I remember thinking back to my 18th birthday and all the opportunities that were ahead of me, where was my journey through life going to take me.  I was so excited for my future (somethings never change 🙂 ).

Thank you Kelsey and Christina for sharing this beautiful experience in coming of age with you.  I am honored.

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

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