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August 29

Things I love…

• The color of the sky on a dark, cloudy day.

• The vivid colors of a sunset and how I wish it would last longer. I could sit and watch every night with a glass of wine.

• Autumn days watching the leaves float through the air as the wind blows them to blanket the earth.

• The canvas of a spring day when all the flowers and trees are in the bloom and the grass is turning green.

• Closing my eyes and inhaling the crisp smell of Autumn and Spring.

• Snuggled in a cozy chair with a cup of tea/coffee watching and listening to the sound of the rain falling through the trees and reflecting on life.

• The snow, it’s like the rain, but white and so crisp and playful. It’s best when in the mountains skiing and then relaxing by the fire with my loved ones.

• Seeing a tree in a field of sweeping grass that is perfect for daydreaming of peace and picnics.

• Sitting outside on a beautiful night when the moon is shining bright enjoying family and friends’ conversations.

• Water is my drink of choice during the day then a glass of wine or a cocktail.

• Finding comfort in a tight, warm hug.

• Burning candles, lots of them.

• A relaxing and rejuvenating message.

• Alone time.

• Sunday afternoon drive in the country (or any day of the week when I feel like it).

• Hermes perfume.

• Pizza and anything potato I could live on and a chocolate chip cookie, but this is a dream. I actually live on oatmeal, salads, and fish.

• My girlfriends keep me balanced.

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