Nikki and Kim are the owners of a unique boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma named Mocha Butterfly.  When Nikki asked me to photograph her and Kim I was so excited, you can image why, look how beautiful they both are!    We had just a short 30-40 minutes to capture a series of portraits.  Considering this time constraint we had such a blast…it’s amazing when one person starts to giggle it causes that energy to flow and before you know it everyone is giggling, then sometimes you’re giggling and you don’t even remember why.

After our photoshoot I was happy to spend some extra time getting to know Nikki even more.  Thank you ladies for asking me to capture your beauty 🙂

Makeup by: Ashlee Bivins

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

Lana Thomas/Mocha ButterflyLana Thomas/Mocha ButterflyLana Thomas/Mocha ButterflyLana Thomas/Mocha Butterfly