I found this article from a magazine I read occasionally, called More.  It is a women’s lifestyle mag, published monthly.  Anyway, I got choked up reading this piece from Emily Listfield.  I had to blog this and share with as many women as possible!!  A positive body image doesn’t come with being skinny, perfect, or flawless….it comes from just being comfortable in your own skin.  WOW!!  I think I need to read this every day and schedule my own session…

The article starts “Can a great photographer’s discerning eye transform a woman’s feelings about her body?  More invited five women to pose as classic nudes and tell Emily Listfield whether it changed them.”  The article then follows the women and their story and journey through the process.


So, let’s get positive girls.  Let’s get empowered.  We’re all in this together.

Love, love, love,