“I’m a 48 year old, flawed single mother, raising a teenage son with no support system.  I cry, worry and eat too much chocolate.  Lana Thomas showed me I was also a sexy, voluptuous and desirable woman.  She is an artist who does everything with love. I never felt more empowered or beautiful.  My life is enriched again.  Thank you.

I titled all my pics Lana.  I wanted to blog them on your site;  However, wanted you to do it for me.  Between losing my parents last October and feeling utterly alone out here in Arizona I about lost sight of myself.  You helped me find my way.  I love you.”

I received the above email from Barbie after her portrait session.  The day I received it I wasn’t feeling my best for several different reasons and as I sat down at my desk to start my day I opened up my email and read her words.  Tears filled my eyes, my breath became soft and my heart felt renewed.  I had no idea how much her portrait session had meant to her.  I had to wait a while before calling because I couldn’t speak.  I had been given a gift.

Last summer one hot night I happened to be working late at the studio and was about to close up, when two beautiful ladies bounced into my studio full of energy and smiles that instantly made me feel happy inside.  I talked with them while showing them around the studio and as we got acquainted I was thinking how much I would love to photograph them.  Before they left the studio they each scheduled a portrait session.  I felt honored that these women in their 40s would allow me to capture a beautiful time in their life.

This summer Barbie made her way from Phoenix to Voulez Vous Boudoir for her personal portrait experience.  When she arrived, we hugged and I felt she had been in my life all along.  I felt comfort, ease, happiness, and excitement to spend the day with her.  Her authentic and bubbly sassy self made me feel just as special as her.  I felt like a better person just from being with her.

Barbie, thank you and LoveLoveLove.  Lana

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