Get your Glam on when your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning!  I met Erin a year ago at After Dark Edu when she was modeling for a boudoir session.  I was taken in by her relaxed, happy-go-lucky attitude and the beauty she radiated when she laughed and giggled.  She was one of those girls I knew I wanted to be friends with.  A year later we planned to attend After Dark EDU again and began planning her personal photoshoot, including the headpiece she designed.  I loved the wallpaper in the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis and knew that was going to be my backdrop.

Thank you Erin for making time in your crazy schedule to spend time with me.  I LOVED every bit of it!  You are truly a doll!

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

Here is a little bit about After Dark.

“After Dark Education is an Experience! It’s neither a “conference” nor a “workshop”; it’s the best of BOTH worlds. Get the intimacy of the small group interaction you’d find at a workshop AND the multitude of topics, class opportunities, and educators (the mentors) you’d find at a conference. The “UN-conference” as described by some, After Dark Education focuses on helping you to build a strong, stable, business foundation along with pushing creativity and craftsmanship to create a unique top-quality product for your clients.

What makes someone “successful” in this industry? Personality and personal style are just as important as fine tuned technical skills. Being able to create an overall experience for your client paired with a unique tailored product makes you stand out from the rest. With After Dark Education, you’re able to learn those technical aspects in small groups, along side the mentors AND gain an insight into how to develop a personality style that suits you. Talk with the mentors and your fellow attendees, see how their mind works, where to do they gain this insight, creativity, idea generating mindset and how to they pull their clients personality out and into their images.”


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