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Tulsa’s Voulez Vous Portraits for Valentines Day

February 20

Valentines Day Portraits, a Gift to the Future from the Here and Now.  I am so grateful to my clients!  I met Rebekah just a few weeks before Valentines Day and I instantly just loved her.  Her energy, excitement, and sweetness shined.  She wanted portraits to give to her husband for Valentines to celebrate three years of marriage and her birthday.  During her consultation we talked about wardrobe, backdrops, hair and makeup and how to prepare.

As I say to the girls, “plan a night out with your man because you are going to look and feel so sexy and beautiful.” The next morning I got a text from Rebekah saying, “I’m so excited!!!  We had an amazing night last night, just like you said!!”

Rebekah and I had something else in common…we both loved a particular image by Pamela Hanson that we had seen in a local restaurant.  Our version is below.

Thank you Rebekah for sharing your birthday with me and creating a day you will never forget.

LoveLoveLove.  Lana


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