I’ve always been drawn to the prettier things of life. The textures and raw intricacies found in the everyday often are what fuel my creativity.

When I met Messina working in a local café, I found her personality and doe-like brown eyes inviting. I knew her unique beauty was a perfect fit for the avant-garde shoot I had in mind. I collaborated with Emma from Infrared Design Studio to create the dramatic yet delicate fresh flowers worn by Messina. Emma went above and beyond to add a floral touch of life to the imagery. Her extensive education in botany showed with the care and professionalism she brought to the photo shoot. She was attentive to the hydration of every flower throughout the day to maintain the glow of these pretty little things.

I love that photography gives me the opportunity to come together with others to capture the essence of subtle every day beauty in obscure ways. These are the moments that keep my hands glued to my camera.

What can you do to appreciate the things that you find pretty in your world today?

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