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Resilience Is Beauty

July 20

Amanda came to Voulez Vous at a pivotal time in her personal and professional life. After leaving her job of 15 years and losing her father at the beginning of the year, Amanda embarked on a journey to pursue her passion.

She launched her own business, A.R. Clinton: Communications, Content & Strategies, in a move to pursue more of the work that truly inspires her, but shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Rather than letting that scare her from pursuing her dream, Amanda chose to see the glass as half full.  Amanda spent the following weeks reconnecting with the land and her roots at her family’s farm. She took this time to slow down, cleanse her life and and reset her priorities.

Amanda shared. “After years of regularly working 60 to 70-hour weeks, spending hours upon hours in my car every week, letting my health go and just being exhausted and always mentally drained, it was the best thing that could have happened to me — being forced to take a break.” 

After getting balance back into her life, she proceeded forward with her business as well as a few other passion projects. Amanda is now finding her voice as an activist for Indigenous, environmental and feminist causes and recently spoke as a contributing analyst to a Supreme Court decision and the removal of the Washington Redskins mascot. Amanda’s empowering shift has also encouraged her to self-produce a documentary and take on a home renovation.

It inspires me to see Amanda use obstacles as an opportunity to change direction rather than choosing to live in a shadow of defeat.  Amanda’s resilience provided her the opportunity to manifest a life she loves. Her heart shines through everything she does because she is dedicated to doing the work that aligns with her highest values and happiness.

Resilience is beauty.

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“I want my passion and vision to shine through everything I do, so a personal branding shoot was so important to me for marketing purposes. I’ve had many friends work with Lana, and I’ve loved their photos because she truly captures their personalities. I know how beautiful each of my friends are on the outside, but I feel like Lana really captures how beautiful their hearts are too, and that’s what I was looking for — a photo shoot that captured the heart I put into everything I do. And I could not be more pleased with the photos Lana came back with. Thank you so much. I love them all and I feel like they are so reflective of me and capture my personality so well!”

– Amanda Clinton

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