This was a personal project inspired by the very large magnolia tree in my back yard.  As I would quietly sit and reflect the sweet magnolia would fill the air in spring.  I would close my eyes and take a deep breathe wishing I could preserve that smell for hours.  As I opened my eyes again I noticed all the beautiful colors of leaves laying around my yard…there were so many.  I picked a few up to examine their beauty, torn, tattered, full of insect holes, but they were still so beautiful and I wanted to preserveand remember those colors forever.  I imaged a dress made of these leaves and began collecting bags of them.  I’m not a dress maker, but I do know how to use a hot glue gun :).  I decided I would need cotton fabric as well, so I could glue the leaves to the fabric.  I would take three leaves at a time and glue them together and as the skirt began to grow I would fill in the blank spots with more leaves.  This was a “prototype” as my son called it,  so I did not preserve the leaves, but will create a new new skirt next spring.  I worked two nights for a total of 8 hours to finish the skirt before the photoshoot.

Arriving for the shoot I did not have the top or the headpiece made and didn’t have time to see that part of my vision come to life.  So, compromise was in order.  Thanks to John Emery for his last minute artistic eye he wrapped a piece of fabric and leather rope around Kresta for that natural feel I wanted.  The sun was setting and I was feeling a bit rushed because I really did not want to use strobes for this image.  So, I cranked up my ISO and started to shoot.

In the rush of things I had forgotten the hoop for the skirt. I was so bummed, but OK, the show must go on.  During editing, I decided to play a bit and add some magic.  I added the clouds, a few textures, and some extra leaves 🙂  This is how I imagined that skirt to look, full, colorful, and elegantly worn. 🙂  I am so excited and looking forward to next summer when I can create a long-lasting couture gown to show in the studio.

Thank you John Emery and Kresta for your patience and support!

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

Sweet Magnolia Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia