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The Blossoming Lotus

January 29

When Cristina told me the name of her business, The Blossoming Lotus, I was curious why she chose chose the Lotus Flower, so I did a little reading.  The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.  It grows in deep, muddy water, but rises above the darkness into the light and blooms to its most beautiful.

Cristina talks how she feels about her portraits.

“”🌟 If there ever were two pictures to describe the dichotomy of who I am, it would be these two. These were taken 7 months ago by the lovely Lana Thomas @vvbportraits while on a retreat in the South of France. A retreat I needed to attend, and one that instilled in me the knowing of who I am and the knowledge that I am more than what I consciously know. The woman on the left is loving, caring, giving and unwaveringly devoted to those she holds dear in her heart. Those who she holds there, in truth, will never understand the degree in which she loves and is devoted to them. This is who I am the majority of my life. The woman on the right is brave, vivacious, determined, successful, a boss and also viciously loves those in her heart…and she also loves herself. She loves herself enough to know when she needs to pull her cords back into herself and let those she cannot save, save themselves. She protects the woman on the left fiercely. And her goal is to take care of her and make sure she thrives.

As much as I am embracing the woman in red at the moment, true knowledge will come when I understand the balance between when I can be both simultaneously. I have been asked what my New Year’s resolution is by many, and I can say that it is this: to love and care for those in my heart unconditionally, and have the strength and bravery to love and care for myself just as much as I love and care for others. That I matter, too. And my God is that a scary thought! May 2019 and the New Moon eclipse tonight bring all of you abundance and clarity in what it is your heart truly longs for! #reiki #lifecoach#theblossominglotus #soulsparkleliving

                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Cristina Rodriguez


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