The Entrepreneurs Experience

Oh the experience of being an entrepreneur. Some days you wake up on fire for the work you do and others… you have to build the fire. When I began my journey as a professional photographer, I desired to use my creative lens to travel the world, connect with others, and show others the natural beauty I saw in them. Fast-forward 20 years later and here I am living my daydream. I get to travel to beautiful places and spend my days empowering women to love themselves. Little did I know that my daydream would also require me to spend more time in front of a computer than behind my camera.

I spend a lot of time and energy running the business side of Voulez Vous.

This includes:

– Keeping up with the books

– Responding to emails

– Meeting with clients

– Coordinating with hair & makeup

– Marketing my services

– Networking

– Curating products

– Producing online content

– Styling and designing photoshoots with clients

– Maintaining the studio

– Continuing my photography education

– And long, long hours of editing.

I also spend time working on personal photography projects to test out new visions for my clients and often take my work home with me. The hours add up.

I do all of this because I value the experience I create for my clients more than anything else. When you book a shoot with me, you are getting the full Voulez Vous experience.

This means a day full of pampering and empowerment. We start with a hair and makeup look that makes you feel your most beautiful. Next, we pick out a wardrobe mixing your favorite intimates with Voulez Vous’s closet of statement pieces. We spend the rest of the day channeling our creativity into a shoot that leaves you feeling empowered by your own light. I provide lunch between sets and we get to connect over the power of boudoir. At the end of the day, my girls leave with a new sense of self love.

All the hours spent doing everything but taking photos are spent so that I can give a woman the perspective she needs to take on life with confidence that shines. The experience of an entrepreneur can mean a lot of different things. For me, it means at the end of a long day of work I get to go home knowing I’ve given a woman a new perspective and forever changed the way she feels about herself.