All year these two young ladies look forward to the one night they will play dress-up and make-believe they live in a fairy tale wonderland.  They plan and prepare throughout the year and their mom begins sizing, pinning, and sewing.  Since babies Mom has made sure this was a big night for the girls.  The night arrives and they begin the transformation; hair and makeup then they slip into their costumes and as they do I can see Mom gleaming with joy and excitement.  Can you image working so hard throughout the year then the time has arrived you see and experience what you have worked so hard to achieve.  The Princess of the Sea and the Peacock have come into full bloom.

This was a night I will always recall to memory.  As I watched Mom’s face it reminded me of why I love what I do, making and giving a gift of memories from the here and now to the future.  One day these portraits will line the walls of these little girls and they will show their children of what Halloween meant to them as a child.

Thank you Reagan for trusting in me to capture this priceless time in your families life.  It was a gift to me.