Today is my 49th birthday!  A year ago my sister wrote me a poem and now, a year later I re-read and  my eyes filled with tears again as I read the words my sister had for me, she knows me so well.  This was the most cherished gift I have ever been given.  Thank you and I love you sister.

Happy Birthday Lana

Oct. 2nd, 2013

The time has come, the day is here, so lift a glass, we all must cheer.

 Another year has come and gone the date is set and the party is on.

She may be getting older there’s no way we can tell. That photo shop she uses works really well.

All kidding aside now is the time to unburden, she just stopped talking so I can get a word in.

She’s wonderful and funny and really weird on occasion, when you spend time with her its like a craziness invasion.

She’ll make you laugh and lift you up just to see you smile, everyone should have someone like her for a while.

We see the world through her beautiful eyes as her camera shows us what only her lens spies.

With her camera she makes love and happiness and hope. A little moment saved in time to help all of us cope.

When things change and they will for no one can stop it. She gives us that moment to save in our pocket.

I’ve been apart from her often and I’ve really missed her, this beautiful creature that I’ve always called Sister.

So if you chance to meet her don’t pass by to fast for a more beautiful soul you may never walk past.

Happy birthday dear sister today is the date only for a year will you remain 48.

I love you I love you and I love you again.  I said it first that means I win!!!!

By:  Mila Rozek

Left Image taken by my intern, Tiana Beringer.  Location:  Voulez Vous Boudoir Studio

Right image Glamour Shots 1995.  I was 30 and wanted to have some pictures of myself.


Lana Thomas