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To Pause And Feel

February 6

“Don’t fear her father said, sometimes the scary things are beautiful as well and the more beauty you find
in them the less scary they’ll become.”   @atticuspoetry   https://www.atticuspoetry.com

Have you had days you want to curl up and not get out of bed or see anyone; I’ve had many.  When I am curled up and wanting to hide from the world I acknowledge my feelings, take a bit of time to sort it out then, as my mom always told me, “now go wash your face with a cold cloth and change your attitude, and get out doors.” Thank you Mom for these words that have kept me going for the past 50 years.

I’ve never shared the first image, which was taken about four years ago; I’ve starred at it so many times over the past four years. This morning as I sat quietly starring at it I started to see and feel why. I now realize what this represents to me and what I was thinking when I took it; overwhelmed, scared, alone, fear, loss. All the emotions that can come from our daily lives and circumstances.  It was sad to me, but for some reason I felt I had to take it.

A day later I shot the woman on the branches and I remember feeling exhilarated, excited and happy, powerful, strong, and free.  the sun shining so bright and so warm.  The peace on the mountaintop where I could pause and feel what I wanted in my image was just what I needed.

The two images are drastically different and only one day apart from each other.  I had no idea what I was going to shoot that second day, but I let my energy and excitement lead me to where I needed to be.



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