I’ve started reflecting on all the wonderful shoots I’ve done this year, as we near the end of 2019. Photography is a job that always calls for a little creative edge. I believe the secret ingredient to a photoshoot that really stands out is mutual willingness to try something new. I was reminded by my lovely client, Penny, when she filled out her questionnaire. Penny listed trying new things as one of her hobbies, commenting, “if that is not a hobby it really should be!”

Her words resonate with me. As a photographer, trying new things is definitely considered my hobby. New lighting, new props, new locations, new people- it all is necessary to creating a unique experience that both elevates my work and does each client justice.

Since Penny’s shoot, I have a revived lens of inspiration I’m seeing through. I’ve invested in funky new pieces for the Voulez Vous wardrobe, used experimental light for sets, and tried posing and shooting in ways I’ve never done before.

My wheels are spinning with ideas that I can’t wait to bring into 2020! If you’re interested in trying something new with me, book a free consultation and let’s collaborate to create a one of a kind collection of art.


Words from the Model:

“It was suppose to be a simple affair…

A couple of months ago I reached out to Voulez Vous Boudoir to schedule a personal branding photo shoot. Simply it was time for an update. What I did not know at the time was the personal depth Lana Thomas would explore to help her and client prepare. I believe one of the questions was about my personal reasons for the photo shoot. I answered it as if only she would read my reply, never intending that one day I would be sharing it for the world to know. I was taken back to the days as a young girl just wanting to be pretty, like the other girls. As I have aged over time I realized that day would never come. I also know that when I looked back at my pictures 20 year ago I admired the young girl in those photos. With that in mind I had a hunch that 20 years in my future I may look back on these pictures with a similar feeling. It is the old ghost that I struggle with in my head. The constant fear that I am never enough and the never ending chase to be enough. A driving force in my life greater than my own will.

What I discovered along the way.

Looking through all of the photos these two took my breath away. No so much in and of themselves, but rather the contrast. It was the first time I saw myself as a whole person. The totality of who I am or was in my life was not an either/or. My sense of self wasn’t just about my own misinterpretations of my own abilities, inabilities, self-image, past traumas or experiences nor was I just about the strength that carries me through my career and life.What I discovered is that my strength came from my vulnerability. Without one there is not the other. And yes, I am the pretty girl. This is 53 years young!

The takeaway.

Be kinder to myself. Forgive myself. Perfect does not exist. Invest in what is most important. For me, that investment is in meaningful personal relationships and mindfulness of my time.
I leave you with this, as long as you have breath in you it is never to late to write the story of your life 💛.” – Penny Stack