It has been a long time since I had a full day of just having fun photographing for ME 🙂  I was inspired by an empty loft across the street from my studio.  My hair & make-up girls, Heather Valentine & Ashlee Bivens, were excited to play as well.  I knew I wanted to photograph a red dress (my favorite color) and use all the beautiful natural light that bounced off the white walls and pillars.  When I walked into the sun drenched loft I had to gasp and my eyes lit up like a light bulb & popped like june bugs as the corners of my mouth looked like Jim Carry in “Mask.” The windows faced east & west with hard and soft light filtering through all day.  The close-up image was the very last of the day.  As we sat visiting I noticed how beautiful, relaxed and natural she looked as the light swept across her shoulders.  I grabbed the large hand mirror and used it to bounce light back onto her face.  Then we finished our champagne!  We drank champagne, practiced posing, laughed, giggled, and got to know about each other’s life.  I had never met Jenn before this day and by the end of our afternoon I knew I had made a new friend.  She is beautiful of course, has a remarkable personality, funny, and truly easy to get to know.  Thank you Jenn for a wonderful time.