The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496 and started with Romans celebrating their start of Spring.  Valentino was a bishop and martyr and considered the saint of lovers, but a poet from the middle ages “Chaucer” was the first to link the holiday with romantic love.  Valentines Day started in the US in the 19th century and we have been celebrating love every February since.

Valentine’s Day, A time to celebrate love and relationships with: 

~A couples boudoir shoot…the gift that keeps giving throughout time from Voulez Vous Boudoir :).

~Gift cards from your favorite boudoir photography studio, Voulez Vous Boudoir in Tulsa :).

~A Love Letter to slip into your beautiful Italian leather crystal album from your couples boudoir shoot.

~A printed and framed portrait of you both.

~Lingerie or gift card to your favorite store.



~A book with a love note inside.

~A journal with a beautiful pen.

~Date night; dinner and drinks at your favorite cozy restaurant and/or bar.

~Her/his favorite perfume.

~A night at your favorite local hotel.

~A couples massage for the next day after all the fun.

~A home cooked meal you do together and make sure roses are on the table and wine is served.

~Tickets to a concert.

“There Is Only One Happiness In Life: To Love & To Be Loved.”  ~George Sand

If you know of someone who would love This gift that will last for years to come, please share the love with them.