My first wedding show over a year ago and I was nervous.  I packed up my entire studio lounge space, headed for the venue and began making my little part of the show my own.  Once I had it just the way I liked I just stood there looking out over the crowd of venders feeling like I was a speckle of dust.  As I looked across the isle a tall, bubbly, girl stood.  She had short dark and fashionably adorable hair and was dressed the way I wish I could get away with.  As I watched her I thought to myself, “just go say hi and introduce yourself Lana.”  So I did!  OMG!  She was even more bubbly after I introduced myself and for some reason I felt an instant relief as we visited.  She handed me her cards and I kept them safe and on hand for my next photo session. Shortly after it was time to get to know this cutie patootie again.   She showed up just as she was the first time I saw her and she has been my studio makeup artist since 😉

Over a year later she calls me for a portrait session of her own.  Ashlee knew exactly when she called me the kind of portrait session she wanted.  The hat was the focus prop.  It didn’t take her long to fall right into her playful, bubbly self as I just moved around her.

I am honored and blessed to have a makeup artist that is so genuinely sincere, sweet, fun, and adorable inside and out.  Thank you Ashlee for supporting me and being a true friend.



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