I remember when I was young I loved playing with paper dolls…changing their clothes, hair  and shoes gave them a totally different look.  I wish I had taken paper portraits of those dolls when I was young.  During Rim’s consultation she said she wanted a grunge/fashion flare look.  I have been wanting to make a paper dress for years and loved the idea of using my studio walls, the staircase, and a simple backdrop would be perfect.  I also imaged adding coolness to the images in post production to add a fashion flare.

I told Rim I would love to make a paper dress if see would be willing to come to the studio and help make it, since I was working with a broken arm and a cast up to my armpit.  Over the weekend I continued to work on the look, and when I was stumped I called my mom and she told me to braid the paper (mom always comes though).   We had such a good time working together, making mistakes, having happy accidents, and finishing up with a great lunch.  Thank you Rim for your beauty, kindness, and new friendship, and for brainstorming with me to make our vision come to print.

I have already been designing another paper dress, which will arrive when I get time to work on it…..

Thank you Ashlee Bivins Makeup for seeing my vision and working with me.  http://ashleebivins.com/



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