Dreams can bring winds of imagination! When sitting quietly it gives your mind time to relax and thoughts and dreams can become clear.  I have had many dreams about flying and floating above the earth like an eagle and I always woke feeling happy and refreshed.  Over the past few years I imagined how I could create those thoughts and dreams into a visual image.   A weekend away in the country gave me an opportunity for my mind to become quiet.  As I sat on a tree swing with the wind blowing through my hair I watched the leaves on the trees twist and turn frantically from the wind and the calming sound it made.  I wanted the wind to carry me across the land like a bird flying.  My mind began to drift and imagine; I wanted to create an image to remind myself of those thoughts.

It was a cold and windy day.  With my camera on a tripod and my Iphone sitting on top of the camera I began to play. I laughed a lot at myself and also at the silliness of the video, but I loved it. If my imagination could have carried me that day I would have taken flight.

This will be the first of several images I will create over the next few years.  I will one day Fly Like An Eagle…paragliding 🙂

Winds of Change 1

Winds of Change