“You often think you’re doing something for someone else, yet at the end of the day it’s you receiving the gift.”

These were the words Laura shared with me after our session. Often times clients aren’t sure what to expect out of a shoot. Above all, it has to do with the energy we create together in the moment. Photos capture the radiant light that we embody in our present, and Laura is a great example of the magic good energy can create. She showed up with her light in full force with laughter and confidence. As a result, her charisma made for bold images that were both a gift to me as an artist, and an even greater gift to herself.

Laura walked away with images that she felt captured her own strength and potential. I was successful in my mission to create the truest representation of my client to stand through time in stunning portraiture. This is what I aim to do with every client that walks into the Voulez Vous studio.  I encourage shoots that allow women to celebrate the journey that led them to their boudoir session and the life they’ve built for themselves. Photography is a powerful window into the soul and I love being able to show others the way they shine in the world.

Never underestimate the power of your light. We all shine in a way that nobody else can. I’ve learned my light shines brightest when I’m shining it on others through photography. You think you’re doing it for someone else but from that, I receive the gift of authentic connection with the women I work with. Today I challenge you to own your light and allow other people to shine with you in the spirit you uniquely emanate.