Alright ladies. It’s that time of year.

If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect gift for the person you love can be quite daunting. This year I encourage you to try a different approach to giving. Rather than spending your time fighting the holiday crowds, give a novelty gift that says more than another department store sweater.

Here are 8 novelty gift ideas for the one that you love:

1.Coupon Favor Book: Tap into your inner creative and make your significant other a coupon book filled with redeemable favors and acts of kindness/love. You can offer things like a 20-minute foot massage, movie night out, a little bedroom fun, or a day spent doing an activity he loves that you usually aren’t as into.

2. Evening Stay at Hotel: Book a night in a hotel near you or make it a day trip to escape for a little while after the holiday chaos is over. Have drinks at the hotel bar, order room service, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath and have fun knowing you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourselves!

3. Tickets to a Concert or Event: Check out your local event listing and find a show you think your partner would be thrilled to see! This could be a concert, comedy show, or play. It will give them something to look forward to even after the holidays have passed.

4. Engraved Watch for timeless reminder of your love: Give the timeless gift of an elegant watch with an engraved love note. The watch can act as a subtle reminder throughout the day that they have someone they love to spend their time with..

5. Letter of Gratitude: Write a letter expressing all the ways you are grateful for the things your partner does to brighten your day. This can be a simple yet genuine way to let your partner know all of the things you forget to say on a daily basis.

6. Sentiment Keepsake Wallet Insert: Have a metal wallet insert engraved with a sweet message of the love you have for your partner. The insert can be tucked away in their wallet to stumble upon on days when they least expect it or for times when they just need a gentle reminder that they are loved.

7. “Open When..” note collection: Another crafty idea is to make a collection of notes for your partner to open on different occasions! You can write little messages of inspiration for when your partner is feeling bored, stressed, or can’t sleep. You could also make notes for when they need a laugh or notes that can be opened on specific dates like New Year’s or Valentine’s Day!


And last but not least…


8. Boudoir Images!!!: Give your partner a chance to see you in a new light. Spice up your holiday season with some sultry boudoir images that will inspire a giving mentality well into the new year.


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Happy Holidays from Voulez Vous Boudoir!